At JM Electrical, the safety of our team, clients, and those they serve, is always our top priority. As National Electrical Safety Month comes to an end, The JM Electrical (JME) team took the time to reflect on safety in our business, with our Health and Safety Manager, Kevin Kolhonen. Kevin oversees wide-ranging assignments including the implementation, oversight, and maintenance of our company’s safety policies, procedures, compliance plans, and improvement initiatives. He also monitors industry regulations, conducts site visits to ensure the safety of our workers, and establishes regular communications with stakeholders to ensure safety is executed in a thorough and correct manner.  

Over the last year, Kevin has enhanced and amplified the safety program at JM Electrical. He believes that safety starts with the culture of an organization and has helped our team embrace it as a core value within our mission. When it comes to safety, every member of the construction team must be engaged, aware and focused. We have implemented an incentivized training program each quarter to ensure every team member is up-to-date and fully versed in the latest safety requirements and best practices. Every new hire completes a thorough safety orientation with Kevin, which outlines worker expectations and safety resources for each JME employee. Additionally, JM Electrical conducts an annual Foreman meeting with our staff, focused on risk prevention and discussing job-specific hazards.  

Given the scale and complexity of the projects we undertake, we aim to have our team exposed to further training than just what we can offer internally. Each quarter, we bring in outside vendors for specialized training, at our JME Innovation Center, offering fresh perspectives and frequent reminders on safety guidelines for each unique service offering.  

JM Electrical partners with ANCHOROCK, a construction safety and compliance management software. With automated solutions, any-device accessibility, and detailed reporting capabilities, ANCHOROCK helps us to digitize our safety programs and automate daily field tasks from the job site, the office, or anywhere in between. With Tools designed specifically to streamline and enhance the safety of electrical construction personnel, we are able to implement safety effectively while delivering quality projects on time, and within budget.  

As the leading specialized electrical contractor in greater Boston, JM Electrical is committed to the safety of all involved from project inception to completion, and thereafter. Our mission is to exceed all expectations related to electrical installation and services, and exemplify our company’s core values of safety, quality, relationships, our people, accountability, and communication to provide the highest level of service to the commercial electrical contracting industry.