With new energy codes taking effect across the state, property owners & developers across all asset types are looking for ways to meet new guidelines. BLDUP recently spoke with Michael Cunningham of JM Electrical about practical steps the specialized electrical contracting firm offers. During his 20 years in the energy efficiency sector, Michael has developed successful utility incentive programs and introduced new energy-efficient products.

BLDUP: How can JM Electrical help clients with existing buildings meet new energy code requirements?

Michael Cunningham: JM Electrical (JME) can assist clients by providing a thorough “health” check which includes reviewing a building’s current electrical systems. This assessment involves a comprehensive walkthrough to help determine the need for efficiency upgrades which can include new lighting, added VFDs, and the installation of lighting controls. For example, the addition of motion sensors to ensure that lights are turned off when a space is vacant and daylight sensors to dim lights when appropriate are also great energy savers that should be considered.

BLDUP: For projects in the pipeline, what adjustments do you see being made or are you suggesting in response to new energy codes?

Michael Cunningham: The new mandates in the city of Boston can be met by investing in energy-efficient tools and technologies, fuel switching, installing renewable energy products such as solar panels, investing in building envelope improvements, upgrading appliances, and rethinking a building’s operations and controls. Companies interested in energy saving solutions should consider forming an internal committee to address these issues and work towards solutions by bringing in advisors like JME’s lighting systems experts who can assess overall energy needs. 

BLDUP: JM recently launched two new offerings, a service division & thermal scanning. Can you detail how these new tools will help property owners manage energy usage? 

Michael Cunningham: JME’s experienced service division is focused on maintenance projects and preventive measures. 

A commitment to preventative maintenance protects our clients from the disruption of electrical outages. Our preventive maintenance program provides thermal imaging scans of all electrical equipment, connections, and devices that help keep facilities up and running with no unscheduled downtime. By catching issues before they arise, you can avoid possible damage to equipment and ensure top operating efficiency, which can help reduce on energy costs.

Additionally, our team has seen significant demand to both furnish and install EV chargers. Currently, many of our clients are requesting the installation of EV charging stations to address the growing use of electric vehicles by staff, vendors, and visitors. With strong incentives and an increase in the sales of electric vehicles, we believe this market will continue to ramp up in the coming year. Given this demand for electric vehicles and the related infrastructure, JME is well prepared to provide turn-key solutions and expert advice on all aspects of EV installations. 

These readily available service options can help property managers meet or exceed their energy efficiency goals. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to complex issues. By offering a streamlined process that ensures all systems are working as expected or making recommendations on how to improve efficiency, JME is poised to assist property owners with all types of electrical service work.