dry dock

Boston-based specialized electrical contractor laid the groundwork for future lab space at 17-19 Dry Dock Avenue

JM Electrical, the leading specialized electrical contractor in Greater Boston, is proud to announce the completion of a cutting-edge venture. Located at 17-19 Dry Dock Avenue in Boston, JM Electrical’s work marks the addition of controls for mechanical systems that will lay the foundation for forthcoming lab space within the Boston Design Center. Originally office and retail spaces, 17-19 Dry Dock Avenue will be used to accommodate the growing demand for lab space, particularly in Boston.

In recent years, Boston has experienced a notable and transformative trend within its real estate landscape – the conversion of office and retail spaces into cutting-edge laboratories. This shift reflects the city’s response to an unprecedented surge in the demand for laboratory facilities. As the life sciences sector experiences rapid growth and breakthrough discoveries, the need for state-of-the-art research and development spaces in Boston has become apparent.

JM Electrical has emerged as a recognized expert in this evolving arena, working closely with its clients to deliver innovative solutions that seamlessly transform spaces to meet the requirements of modern laboratory settings. With extensive experience across diverse environments, JM Electrical’s skilled team is well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of such conversions, ensuring optimal functionality while adhering to sustainable practices.

Working collaboratively on this innovative endeavor, JM Electrical partnered with Wise Construction, the area’s most well-respected mid-sized construction company, known for over three decades of delivering exceptional client service. From managing logistics to overseeing the construction process, Wise Construction’s expertise enabled seamless coordination and ensured the success of the project.

“We are pleased to have teamed up with JM Electrical for 17-19 Dry Dock,” says Shawn Seaman, COO of Wise Construction. “Our combined expertise and dedication have been integral to the success of this project, bringing us a step closer to meeting the growing needs of Boston’s research landscape. 

“We take pride in contributing to projects that push boundaries and reshape spaces for the future. This achievement underlines our commitment to delivering excellence on behalf of our clients,” says John Guarracino, Principal & COO at JM Electrical.

JM Electrical’s work at the Boston Design Center emphasizes its mission of enhancing infrastructure across industries. Through its diverse range of specialized and sustainable services and a strong reputation for tackling the most complex projects, JM Electrical continues to play a strong role in the innovative transformations that align with the ever-evolving needs of modern spaces.