BLDUP: What changes in system(s) requirements is JME seeing from the design community?

John Guarracino: The work we do in the life sciences sector is a good indicator of the ideas and expectations coming from the design community. Laboratories and related environments require smart technologies and integrated automation systems that integrate lighting control, air quality monitoring, and security systems into building designs. In many cases we are transforming offices and retail spaces into environments suited to research and development, projects that require new tools and technologies and upgrades to existing Mechanical Systems. In addition, we are often asked to install EV charging stations, as well as upgrade a building’s electrical infrastructure, to meet the growing demand for green, energy efficient transportation options from the life sciences workforce.

BLDUP: What building types will be most affected over the next year by the energy code change and drive toward carbon neutrality?

John Guarracino: The Boston area is home to beautiful old and historic buildings, with many requiring improvements and ongoing service when it comes to mechanical equipment and Temperature Controls Systems. Equally important, with an emphasis on sustainability and responsible energy use, we will likely be asked to help repair and update the electrical systems within these buildings to support any infrastructure upgrades required to meet each company’s needs. 

BLDUP: What is JME doing to attract prospective employees to the electrical contracting trade in general and your business in particular?

John Guarracino: At JME we are always looking for talent, whether from industry veterans with years of experience to young professionals with the potential for personal and professional growth. We work closely with our Union Partner, IBEW Local 103, to train, develop and retain the best and most talented electricians in the trade. We align ourselves with local colleges and universities to connect with students hoping to launch their careers in the construction industry. Many of our employees jump-started their careers with JME through the Wentworth Institute’s CO-OP program before joining us full-time. In addition, we continue to recruit a more diverse workforce, one that reflects our values and the communities we serve. 

BLDUP: What exciting systems or equipment updates is JME excited to bring to market in 2023?

John Guarracino: We will continue to focus a great deal of our efforts on installing EV Charging Stations and the infrastructure associated with growing this segment of the market. We are currently bringing this technology to a variety of settings, from car dealerships and colleges, to manufacturing facilities, office buildings and residential buildings. We see the installation and maintenance of EV stations as an emerging segment of our business.