Whether you’re working in the construction/development space or some other field, client engagement and proactive outreach are a vital part of any sales and customer retention strategy. And in today’s world of instant communication, technology has created near-unlimited possibilities to engage with the audiences that matter most to a growing business. 

Covid changed the way we interact with colleagues and clients alike, and everyone has accepted video conferencing— some eagerly, others reluctantly— as a valuable and cost-effective tool that will remain an option well into the future. But now that things are returning to “normal,” nothing beats face-to-face communication, whether reviewing a formal presentation, networking, or reconnecting over a cup of coffee. 

Even when corresponding via technology, don’t lose sight of the person on the receiving end. Personalization remains the bedrock of how business gets done in Greater Boston, with general contractors and subcontractors alike having multiple means to interact on a personal level.  

When you want to document a scope of work, finalize a project timeline, or confirm pricing, emails are the way to go, while texts are a great way to provide updates in real time. But these options can’t always take the place of a phone call. For service-based industries like JM Electrical, Inc., check-in calls help us understand what our customers and vendors are thinking, allow us to resolve issues before they become full-blown problems, and remain top-of-mind. These conversations are not transactional, rather they help build solid, mutually beneficial relationships, the foundation of every business, regardless of the industry.

Even the most traditional companies should recognize the power of social media to introduce an idea or a new offering, share an amazing visual, highlight a current project, acknowledge a holiday or other seasonal event, or showcase homegrown talent. Clear, concise, and compelling posts that are specific to each platform are a must. These missives can help reach current and prospective clients, keep you on the radar of trade journalists, and attract the attention of future employees. Effective social media campaigns reinforce your brand and position company executives and other in-house subject matter experts as thought leaders. We are proud that interest in our social platforms that spotlight company culture and demonstrate our industry expertise continue to attract new followers. 

Creating and launching a website requires a significant investment of both time and money. Experience tells us that websites are the first stop for reporters, job seekers, and potential clients. With that in mind, it was vital that our new site, a year in the making, accurately reflect our company history, our philosophy, our capabilities, and our goals for the future. Using a digital email marketing platform, we invited “friends of the company” to learn about JM Electrical’s rich history and diverse capabilities, peruse over 35 years of success stories, get to know our talented team, and discover our many contributions to the Greater Boston area’s changing landscape. Based on the reaction we’ve received to date; I think we accomplished what we set out to do. 

Business leaders often forget that internal audiences are just as important as external audiences. And the fact is, where there is an information vacuum, people will fill it, even if they aren’t privy to the latest company news. You can eliminate the dreaded grapevine by communicating regularly. When employees get timely, reliable reports directly from senior leadership, they will become ambassadors for your business. We have found that an e-newsletter published on a regular schedule is a valuable resource for our team. They know that in addition to hearing about upcoming projects and industry news, our newsletter will help them get to know their colleagues on a personal level through announcements of new hires, promotions, weddings, births, and other life cycle news.

Modern times have ushered in an array of new technologies that allow construction and development industry leaders to shape their messages and convey them directly to targeted audiences. In a post-Covid era, determining the right modes of communication will strengthen your ties to current and future clients and co-workers alike, enabling your business to thrive as Greater Boston — and our industry in particular —continues to benefit from these essential interconnections. 

By Matthew Guarracino, Principal & CEO JM Electrical, Inc.