JM Electrical utilizes more than two dozen service vans in the Greater Boston Area for on-call service to meet your building’s needs. We understand that critical environments can be challenging and require effective and efficient maintenance. Our experienced electricians troubleshoot problems as they arise and offer solutions to avoid potential problems going forward.

Success Stories

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

JM Electrical services The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and our electricians are available on call for building automation support throughout the campus. We make our electricians available to ensure that the campuses building automation systems are operating as designed and meeting the customer’s expectations.

Harvard University

JM Electrical has performed a range of services from building control installations to lighting upgrades for the prestigious University. When working with a world-class university, the same level of service is expected. Our electricians have been on campus for over 20 years to help ensure that all buildings remain cutting-edge and energy efficient for the University.

Mass General Hospital

JM Electrical electricians are on-site full-time and available to take care of any critical projects as they come up at these leading healthcare facilities. We provide our services at the Hospitals’ multiple locations and our familiarity with the campuses allow us to address issues in an effective manner.