Logan Airport

Public Facility

The Challenge:

An ideal security system for a building must be seamless for the people occupying the space while effectively dealing with potential threats at the same time. Facility managers must take considerable steps to guarantee they meet these objectives, and advanced security and surveillance systems can greatly assist in their efforts.

Airports and transportation stations present unique challenges in terms of maintaining building security because of the number of people moving in and out of these facilities on a daily basis. Many agencies and organizations responding to these concerns have adopted an overarching philosophy to provide appropriate and cost-effective protection for building occupants. In particular, JM Electrical had the opportunity to install an innovative security and surveillance system for Logan International Airport, helping the building managers achieve a safer and more secure complex for both travelers and employees.

Our Work:

Working with their valued partners, the experts at JM Electrical managed the installation of a sophisticated security system with enough capabilities to ensure that the thousands of travelers and employees who enter the building daily will be protected. JM Electrical was required to work in a variety of spaces throughout the facility to ensure the entire security system was updated properly.

In addition, the current security system for the facility had to remain active while it was being updated. Because of this, JM Electrical had to remain especially focused to ensure the airport stayed secure during the system development process. To accommodate travelers, adhere to security protocols, and monitor constant activity in their immediate workspace, the JM Electrical team installed cameras to monitor their project work around the clock. These increased demands and measures in security made time-sensitivity even more crucial, requiring greater efficiency in other areas of the project to ensure its timely completion. In order to be successful in an environment such as this, JM Electrical had to rely on their experienced Foreman, his team and knowledge of the facility.


As a direct result of JM Electrical’s work, the final outcome included a reliable card access systems, CCTV, and finger print scanners for the airport security system in addition to the already comprehensive system in place. The system was designed to complement the airport’s current security measures by providing more advanced technology that travelers, employees and security personnel could rely on to meet their needs.

Adhering to a strict schedule and budget, JM Electrical was able to install a superior updated security and surveillance system for the international airport without compromising the current system in place. Effective implementation of these security measures will ensure the safety and security of all building occupants now and in the future.