Life Sciences Facility


The Challenge:

As Boston’s Innovation District has continued to grow over the past few years with national and global companies setting up shop in the Seaport neighborhood, JM Electrical was contracted to work on one of the largest privately funded projects in the country. This mixed-use waterfront development required automated control systems throughout the entire 1.1 million square foot pharmaceutical facility. As energy reliability is essential for operating medical research labs smoothly without costly disruptions, they require innovative technology to handle their complicated energy, HVAC and processing needs.

Our work:

JM Electrical technicians committed to a diligent schedule that required them to work in a variety of spaces on the campus including, parking facilities, office levels, and critical biomedical research and laboratory spaces. Each individual area requires unique and specific expertise.

In an effort to reduce energy demand and consumption while simultaneously guaranteeing reliable energy delivery for power, heat, and water, JM Electrical installed a Metasys® building automation system from Johnson Controls throughout the facility. Additionally, the professionals at JM Electrical were tasked with installing air handling, ventilation, security and power control systems throughout the facility.

The automation system deployed and installed by JM Electrical, controls the temperature and humidity levels while simultaneously moving large amounts of air for the 12 floors of lab space spanning the facility. These systems are crucial in maintaining an environment that meets clinical, research and regulatory requirements that preserve the sensitive nature of the work.


As a result of JM Electrical’s work, the project was completed on time and on budget, allowing the facility to save money and reduce annual energy use, while also providing a better work experience for all occupants.

To achieve energy savings within a building, it’s essential to ensure that every building subsystem, from heating to security, works together as a cohesive unit.

By bringing independent systems together, building automation leads directly to better performance and more intelligent energy use.

As a cutting edge facility, this campus requires the most advanced integrated and energy efficient systems to support the many research and laboratory spaces, which allow the building to save on operating expenses and reduce carbon emissions.