Hoosac Valley High School

Renewable Energy

The Situation:

In today’s economy, businesses, homeowners, organizations and institutions are consistently looking for ways to streamline budgets and reduce expenses. In order to manage costs, many of these entities are looking to renewable energy power sources. These assets are increasingly attractive as they provide long-term budget stability and savings to users.

To help its customers meet their electrical and power needs, JM Electrical has assisted in installing turnkey solar photovoltaic systems, solar hot water controls, energy metering and monitoring. In particular, JM Electrical has had the opportunity to install these innovative systems for many local area high schools in Massachusetts, helping them achieve affordable and environmentally-friendly energy options.

Our work:

Working with both a solar developer and a manufacturer, the experts at JM Electrical managed the installation of a sophisticated energy system with enough capacity to significantly offset an entire Massachusetts regional technical high school. Educational institutions present unique challenges because project managers must remain on task to complete the project in a timely fashion while being aware of strict safety measures given the close proximity to students each day on the job.

JM Electrical technicians utilized their experience to install and equip the school with a ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) system adjacent to the building structure. JM Electrical installed all racking, panels, inverters and metering products, which were designed to work together to guarantee reliable and efficient energy solutions for the building. The system was designed to reduce the school’s carbon footprint and simultaneously drive down long-term energy costs.

In addition to installing the sophisticated system, more than 700 students attended class each day while JM Electrical worked to complete the installation, making job-site safety a top priority. While keeping to a strict construction schedule, JM Electrical ensured the safety of construction and maintenance workers on site by installing a high-end security system that monitored the project around the clock. The added measure ensured a safe and reliable environment for all parties.


JM Electrical’s collaborative work and unmatched expertise resulted in the successful installation of a 495 kW ground-mounted solar photovoltaic system consisting of 1,980 PV panels with two inverters, 14 combiner boxes and a weather station. In addition, the students received a tour of the finished project at the technical high school and are able to monitor the lifetime energy usage and cost savings that the system provides online in real time.

Adhering to a strict schedule and budget, JM Electrical was able to provide a superior energy system for a public high school in the state and preserve the project’s bottom line at the same time. The new system will allow the school to save money on its electricity bills, allowing them to spend less on utility costs and more on education.