Harvard University


The Situation:

Educational institutions are constantly looking for ways to achieve and uphold the best atmosphere for their students and faculty. Reliability plays a major role in a facility’s atmosphere, especially on a college or university campus, where it is extremely important to reduce energy demand and consumption while maintaining a high quality for living and research space. As part of JM Electrical’s long-term partnership with a world renowned leading university and research center in the greater Boston area, JM has assisted in the upkeep and maintenance of the school’s buildings with a dedicated onsite team for over 20 years.

The Approach:

The university’s campus, which spans over 5,000 acres and two cities, consists of buildings that range from over 100 years old to brand new facilities. This means that each building requires its own unique solutions, investment and maintenance, along with its own facility manager. In an effort to support the school’s continuing growth and rapid expansion, JM Electrical has dedicated an onsite team for two decades that works closely with the facilities staff across all buildings, allowing them to become engrained in the school’s landscape and functionality.

This enhanced continuity and exclusive knowledge of the intricacies around the campus has helped the JM Electrical team to successfully and continuously complete sophisticated projects. These projects range from comprehensive retrofits to installing power and control systems to renewable energies. All are aimed toward advancements to help the university meet the diverse energy demands for a wide variety of occupants. Overall, J.M.’s efforts have continued to focus on reducing energy consumption and maintaining reliable delivery of efficient power, heat, and water to keep the campus running smoothly for all students, faculty, and staff.

The Results:

This partnership between JM Electrical and the university allows the team to provide proactive solutions and address issues immediately as they arise. Because of their entrenchment into the functionality and operations of the school, JM technicians know the landscape so well that they can identify and resolve a problem before the customer is even aware. This process has allowed the university to yield substantial energy savings, reduce energy consumption, and commit to advanced sustainability incentives and efforts.

The New England region has the highest number of green campuses per capita in the country, so it was only fitting that JM Electrical was hired to help this established institution reduce energy cost and consumption by introducing new technologies and maintaining facility operations, making it one of the greenest campuses in the country.