Boston Waterfront Development

Mixed Use

The Situation:

With more and more construction cranes stretching towards the sky above Boston in the past several years, JM Electrical has had the opportunity to help shape the City’s evolving skyline, with their imprint prominently featured on a rehabilitation and construction project on one of the largest and most notable mixed-use developments. The 237,000 square foot LEED Silver waterfront development, designed to host luxury residential, office, and retail space, necessitated superior and streamlined integrated building control systems to support an elevated quality of living, business atmosphere, and leisure activities.

Our work:

Working with both mechanical and control contractors, the JM Electrical experts were selected to construct and install the facility’s sophisticated and comprehensive control systems throughout ten floors of residential units, office levels, and designated retail spaces that all entailed unique requirements and posed specific challenges.

While keeping to a strict construction schedule, JM Electrical technicians utilized their experience to install automated heating and cooling control systems, which simultaneously work to reduce energy demand and consumption while guaranteeing reliable energy delivery for the building’s power, heat and water.

JM Electrical electricians were also tasked with installing the sophisticated plumbing and HVAC systems for the projects, as well as critical high-end security and fire protection systems to ensure a safe and reliable environment for all occupants.


Through this successful collaboration and JM Electrical’s unmatched expertise, all of the complex systems operate cohesively to provide a superior experience for the building’s residents, employees, and visitors.

With all work adhering to a strict schedule and budget, JM Electrical was able to preserve the project’s bottom line and establish a foundation of reduced energy use by ensuring that every building subsystem, from heating to security, works together as a collective unit.

With this project setting a precedent for the future of development in and around Boston, JM Electrical succeeded in setting the standard for advanced automated building systems integration to provide more intelligent energy use and an enhanced quality of life to future smart buildings.