Performance Contracting

On a larger scale, JM Electrical, teams up with building automation and mechanical contractors to modernize all aspects of energy-using equipment for cities, towns and building owners.  We replace outdated and inefficient building systems with new energy saving systems. These changes significantly reduce the owner’s carbon footprint and provide cost savings that eventually lead to an enhanced return on investment.

Success Stories

Holyoke Community College

JM Electrical completed an energy services project at Holyoke Community College for DCAMM. JM participated in a complete energy upgrade of the campus, including installing air handling units (AHUs), hot water pumps, and variable air volume (VAV) boxes in all classrooms.  Where VAV boxes are typically replaced, JM performed a unique service of retrofitting these boxes. Additionally, JM’s technicians assisted in reworking existing fire alarms to accommodate a ceiling replacement, all while ensuring the school’s students and staff were not impacted. With the major energy upgrades completed by JM Electrical to the classrooms, office suites, and HVAC systems, HCC will experience reduced energy consumption.

Ashburnham Schools

Project operations were completed at the Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District, a public school system located in North Worcester County. Working under a performance contract, JM Electrical installed the power and controls for the HVAC equipment for two schools in the district—Oakmont High School and Overlook Middle School. The new HVAC power and controls installed by JM Electrical, will enable the schools to operate in a more energy efficient manner and, in turn, experience minimized energy costs.

City of Worcester Public Buildings

JM Electrical completed a 58 public building upgrade for the City of Worcester. JM Electrical’s technicians worked in schools, fire departments and City Hall to provide new equipment and update existing energy management structures. These upgrades will lead to increased energy efficiency and J.M Electrical was happy to play a role in the process.