JM Electrical installs instrumentation systems to monitor and control commercial environments. Our systems operate in accordance with the specific needs of the building to accurately regulate the heating, cooling, waste water treatment, and water purification. Our electricians have installed these systems in many environments including medical, manufacturing, education, and production facilities where environmental sensitivity is crucial.

Success Stories

Boston University Medical Center – NEIDL

JM Electrical was selected as a contractor for Boston University Medical Center’s new bio-safety laboratory, the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory (NEIDL). The 192,000 square foot facility contained levels BSL-2, BSL-3, and BSL-4 laboratories. The laboratories are used for studying infectious diseases and bioterrorism and require state-of-the-art technologies that enable scientists to conduct research in safe and secure environments. JM Electrical completed this project with an increased attention to safety and security given the sensitive nature of the building’s use, and exceeded the University’s expectations in completing the installation.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals – Solvent System

JM Electrical designed and installed a programmable logic controller (PLC) distribution system for use in the new pharmaceutical research facility. This required detailed design and programming to ensure the new Vertex Pharmaceutical headquarters would have an advanced PLC based control system. The team worked in classified areas on process controls and provided checkout and verification support for the installed system.

Harvard Northwest Labs – Chilled Water Plant

JM Electrical has a long-standing partnership with Harvard University, and has contributed to many projects on campus to update the buildings’ energy management systems. At Harvard’s Northwest Labs, JM Electrical installed process controls to towers, boilers, chillers and other mechanical equipment in the facility to ensure efficient energy management.