JM Electrical also specializes in installing security systems. We install varying levels of security systems ranging from entire campus camera networks to individual card access systems. In addition, our specialized electricians are seasoned in installing these complex systems in many challenging work environments including hospitals, museums, and airports to ensure a high level of safety and security.

Success Stories

Logan International Airport

JM Electrical teamed up to upgrade the entire security system at Logan International Airport. Unlike most system upgrades, the current security system had to remain active while it was being updated, which meant extra concentration and care to ensure the airport remained safe and secure during the system development process. JM Electrical and its partner rose to this challenge and added reliable card access systems, CCTV, and finger print scanners for the airport security system on schedule.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

JM Electrical was selected to work on the Vertex Pharmaceutical buildings, which are now the new headquarters for the global pharmaceutical company. JM Electrical equipped the two sixteen story towers with an advanced heating, cooling and ventilation control system, as well as a state of the art security system, which are both necessary for the sensitive nature of work for a pharmaceutical company. The buildings were awarded the LEED Gold certification for energy efficiency.

Bromley Apartments

JM Electrical participated in the installation of a security system at Mildred C. Hailey Apartments in Bromley Park in Jamaica Plain. JM installed and wired exterior elevator and common area security cameras in five buildings, as well as antennas enabling wireless communication between these buildings. JM’s security install will help ensure the ongoing safety of the building’s residents.