Since 1985, JM Electrical Co., Inc. has been a trusted name throughout Boston-area communities. That’s why today we are Greater Boston’s largest provider of specialized electrical construction work and a leader in the industry. No one else does what we do. In fact specialization is an area of strength for us.

Building Automation and Mechanical Contractors have come to rely on JM Electrical for our specialization and assistance when they have a critical project. We pride ourselves on completing these projects accurately and on schedule from start to finish.

HVAC Controls

As an industry expert in HVAC Controls, JM Electrical will put our years of experience to work for you in the installation of environmental automation controls to maintain desired levels of heating, cooling, lighting, and air quality. We will also put our expertise to work in Green Buildings, helping to conserve energy while also promoting healthier living and working conditions, while reducing a building’s environmental impact.

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As a local business in the Boston area for many years, JM Electrical has become part of the community. We contribute to the safety and well-being of the area by designing and installing state-of-the-art fire alarm systems.

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On the forefront of instrumentation installation, JM Electrical provides service for all facets of this work.

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Renewable Energy

From complete solar photovoltaic installations to solar hot water controls, JM Electrical has the experience needed to provide expert installs in all areas of the renewable energy fields.

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Performance Contracting

On a larger scale, JM Electrical Co., teams up with Building Automation and Mechanical Contractors to install power and controls to modernize all aspects of energy-using equipment for cities, towns and building owners.

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JM Electrical utilizes more than two dozen service vans in the Greater Boston Area for on-call service to meet your building’s needs.

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