What a Casino Would Mean for the City of Everett

Last month, MGM Casino officially broke ground on an $800 million casino in western Massachusetts that represents the largest economic development project the region has seen in generations. The hope for Massachusetts is that adding these types of attractions will help to improve the economy by putting people back to work and bringing in additional revenue for the state. Currently, Massachusetts is in the process of bringing another casino to the Commonwealth. The Wynn Casino will be located a few miles north of Boston in Everett and is projected to dramatically impact the city and its surrounding communities. The construction industry is positioned to help shape these projects in many ways.

With all new developments in the city, a top priority for the construction industry is to remain committed to energy efficiency and this new site in Everett will leave plenty of room for these companies to make a noticeable impact. Companies will be contracted to build an advanced building structure, provide cutting-edge HVAC management systems, and install advanced electrical systems that efficiently manage the power for the building. The combination of these offerings will set the precedent for establishing a “smarter” infrastructure on the commercial level in Everett. These advancements will lower utility bills, reduce building and infrastructure maintenance, and ultimately increase the building’s property value.

In addition to providing an energy efficient structure with advanced building systems, the project is expected to help revive a neglected area of the state. In terms of job creation, the casino is expected to create about 4,000 jobs, which will help put Everett residents back to work. The casino will also inevitably attract restaurants, new residents and local businesses, which are sure to boost the job market for the city while bringing foot traffic and tourism to an area just outside the state’s capital.  This will help improve the quality of life for residents and visitors.

The finished project will include a 24-story casino, complete with 629 hotel rooms, according to WBUR. The development is much anticipated, and the Commonwealth is eagerly awaiting the opening of the many new businesses sure to boost the region’s economy.

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