Building up Downtown Crossing

It is no secret that as you look around Boston there is a lot of construction, with new buildings seeming to appear by the day.  One neighborhood that is in a constant state of change is Downtown Crossing.  The city has a tradition of blending its history with innovation, and this area is no exception to that theme. Currently, Downtown Crossing is witnessing the construction of Millennium Tower, a 60-story glass structure with luxury residences, at the area’s most prominent intersection, along with the beautiful Burnham Building that once housed the original Filene’s.  The retail space in the Burnham Building will also be accompanied by Roche Bros., which is opening outdoor produce stands in this area.  These stands are merely a preview of the 25,000-square-foot supermarket space that will complete the area’s development.  In addition, the construction of these buildings will incorporate LEED building certification, and a commitment to sustainable building structures, which will help complement existing buildings in the area.

This development is one of many in the city that will also help bring additional business to the Boston area.  Millennium Tower will consist of luxury residences, ranging from 1 to 4-bedroom floor plans, and 95,000 square feet of additional retail space on its lower floors, and will include an underground parking garage for its residents and tenants. In addition, the $630 million project is walking distance from Faneuil Hall and conveniently located on the MBTA Orange and Red Lines.  The hope is that this convenient access to public transit will bring additional patrons to the newly developed area along with its new residents.  Having a supermarket in the area also adds to the community-like atmosphere that the new residents of the development would not otherwise have.  Rather than a commercialized business center, Downtown Crossing will offer a neighborhood feel to an otherwise institutional city center.

As with most of the recent developments in Boston, a commitment to energy efficiency is one of the main focuses. The new Millennium Tower and 1912 Burnham Building are no exception.  According to the Boston Redevelopment Authority, The Millennium Tower and Burnham Building are being analyzed separately in regard to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system. The Burnham Building is currently anticipated to achieve the Silver level under LEED for Core and Shell, and the Millennium Tower is anticipated to be certifiable under LEED for New Construction. The building also plans to purchase 75% of its electricity from renewable sources, which proves its commitment to sustainability. These enhancements help to lower utility bills, reduce building and infrastructure maintenance, and ultimately increase the property value and marketability of the facility.

Having new residents in the area will breathe new life into this section of the city.  Downtown Crossing only seems to be evolving, and the additions of these buildings will only continue to add to the development.  Evolution and change are two themes that the people of Boston seem to integrate well into a city that is filled with history and tradition. Because of that, the area is braced for these changes, and the city of Boston will only benefit from what they will bring.

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