As a leader in retrofit services, JM Electrical is the best choice to upgrade or replace existing electrical equipment to improve performance and energy efficiency. As a JM Electrical customer, you can be assured of premium, cutting-edge work in all of the specialized retrofit services we provide. This includes replacing electrical motors for air-handling systems, installing variable frequency drives to control energy consumption management, upgrading existing lighting systems to energy efficient standards, and installing pump systems, boiler systems, chiller systems, cooling towers, and mechanical equipment. Our experience, superior training, and cost-effectiveness have made us the most reliable choice in this specialized market.

Success Stories

U.S. Coast Guard – JF Williams Building

JM Electrical was tasked with upgrading the control system in this high security building.  This meant converting the existing pneumatic controls to DDC controls.  Despite the difficult access in the building, JM Electrical was able to complete this project on schedule.

Brigham & Women’s Hospital

JM Electrical updated and replaced the electrical equipment in Brigham & Women’s Hospital to ensure that all lighting improved the hospital’s energy performance and increased electrical efficiency. JM Electrical replaced the lighting equipment in the building to ensure that it would work 24/7 while reducing the hospital’s overall power consumption. This upgrade allowed Brigham & Women’s to enjoy fast paybacks on electrical bills while at the same time enhancing the lighting quality.

VA Hospital Building

Updated building systems are necessary in order to maintain a high quality of living, working and research space that hospitals are required to provide for both doctors and patients. JM Electrical was chosen to work on the Veteran’s Affairs hospital buildings in West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, and Bedford to ensure this type of high-quality environment. The team continues to upgrade the current control systems with direct digital controls (DDC) to create a more centralized network of control systems that ultimately increase a building’s energy efficiency.

Other Notable Retrofit projects include:

  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Prudential Center
  • Tufts New England Medical Center
  • Boston College