Performance Contracting

On a larger scale, JM Electrical, teams up with building automation and mechanical contractors to modernize all aspects of energy-using equipment for cities, towns and building owners.  We replace outdated and inefficient building systems with new energy saving systems. These changes significantly reduce the owner’s carbon footprint and provide cost savings that eventually lead to an enhanced return on investment.

Success Stories

Castle Square Apartments

As an integral member of the team for the Castle Square Deep Energy Retrofit Project, JM Electrical installed all HVAC control systems. From programmable thermostats in all of the apartments in the development to outside air setback boiler controls, our engineered system created a more comfortable living environment for residents while reducing the building’s energy consumption. Our installation even allowed the development to achieve its goal of reducing the apartments’ energy usage by 78 percent. During the project installation, the apartments remained occupied and JM Electrical worked with the team of contractors to make certain that the installation would have minimal impact on the residents.

Boston Housing Authority – Charlestown

The Boston Housing Authority is the largest housing authority in New England and JM Electrical was honored to be chosen to help the development meet its energy needs. JM Electrical installed controls, emergency lighting, and wiring for new energy efficient boilers in twenty four buildings that would eventually make up the largest community for low and moderate-income housing in the state. This portion of the work was completed as part of the BHA’s $63 million energy performance contract with a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company. JM Electrical was happy to help in the effort of reducing the public housing development’s operating expenses.

City of Worcester Public Buildings

JM Electrical completed a 58 public building upgrade for the City of Worcester. JM Electrical’s technicians worked in schools, fire departments and City Hall to provide new equipment and update existing energy management structures. These upgrades will lead to increased energy efficiency and J.M Electrical was happy to play a role in the process.

Other Notable Performance Contracting projects include:

  • Lynn Schools
  • Northern Essex Community College
  • BHA Bromley & Heath
  • Old Colony Vocational Technical School